Mustang Wet Kit

Mustang Single Nozzle Wet Kit

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Mustang Dry

Mustangs can benefit from either wet or dry nitrous oxide systems. Making the choice between a Mustang wet system and a Mustang dry system will come down to several factors and considerations.

Both our Mustang wet and Mustang dry kits can work for you. Starting with a basic understanding of what you get with each type of system can help you figure out if the Mustang wet kit is the one you need.

At a very basic level, a wet nitrous oxide system is one that injects both fuel and nitrous. In contrast, a dry nitrous oxide system only injects nitrous. Many people find dry systems easier to install, and wet systems easier to work with and tune.

No system type is better than the other, so it's down to preference and the needs of your Mustang. Although, it's true wet systems are far easier to tune once installed.

Other than the type of nitrous kit you choose, the components that come with the kit also matter. Some kits can work out-of-the-box for some cars and applications. However, for some vehicles, the kit is only part of the overall nitrous oxide system. This means you need to make sure you have everything you need before kit installation.

Our Mustang wet kit includes:

  • 10LB Nitrous Bottle
  • Bottle Gauge
  • Bottle Nut
  • Bottle Brackets
  • Nitrous & Fuel Solenoids 
  • Fittings 
  • Braided Hoses
  • WOT switch
  • All needed wire, relay, toggle, brackets, etc. 

Also, the kit is adjustable from 75hp to 200hp. This makes our Mustang wet kit a complete solution for most. Our Mustang dry kit is just as complete.

If you have any general or specific questions about finding the right nitrous for your Mustang, call us at (281) 304-1515.