Dual Nozzle Dry Kit Complete

SKU: 1904
Part #: CFN-9999


Spray Up To 175 HP Cold Fusion Nitrous Dual Nozzle Dry System is designed for 1997 and newer cars or trucks with dual air boxes. This system comes out of the box ready to spray up to 175 HP.

Complete Dry System This System comes with everything you need to safely and easily install a dry nitrous system on your vehicle. Includes all hardware, electrical, jetting solenoid and lines.


This system is designed to be universal and will work on any gasoline or diesel vehicles. Comes complete with a 15LB Super High Flow Nitrous Bottle, bottle gauge, bottle brackets, 4AN bottle nut, 15FT 4AN stainless steel feedline, nitrous solenoid, fittings, nozzles, brackets, wire, relay, WOT switch, braided hoses, jets for 60, 100, 150, 200hp.