Cold Fusion Nitrous Power: 10 Second Diesel Truck
Cold Fusion Nitrous Systems is a Limited Partnership Registered in the State of Texas

Monster Bottle Valve - Fits 5lb, 10lb, 15lb and 20lb bottles. This is a true 8AN inlet and outlet. It can support over 1200hp+
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C6 Corvette Fuel Cell - Custom billet fuel cell only
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Dodge Hemi stage plate kit - complete with everything you need to turn your Hemi into a Beast! Adjustable from 75hp - 225hp
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Corvette billet stand alone fuel system - comes complete with everything needed to install a complete stand alone fuel system
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A complete plate kit ajustable from 75 - 175 for the 2 valve 2004 mustangs (2005,2006 & 2007 coming soon)
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Now carrying CNC Billet 6061 Dual Bottle Bracket kit designed for fast and easy dismount and remount.
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The Digital Progressive Controller was designed to allow the aggressive use of nitrous power and putting it on the ground.
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The Quick Release Remote Nitrous Bottle Valve Opener fits ALL standard size 5lb, 10lb, 15lb & 20lb nitrous bottles.
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Cold Fusion Nitrous Systems now has the most affordable and accurate flow tool on the market.
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Patent Pending

Makes more power than any other 90 degree nozzle on the market. Learn More

Cold Fusion Nitrous Systems offers Nitrous Oxide kits, replacement parts, and accessories for high performance drag racing to street racing.
Worlds fastest 2010 Camaro
Fastest 2010 Camaro w/Automatic transmission and DOT Radial tires.
Worlds fastest 2008 Twin Turbo Porsche
on factory wheels and tires. No internal engine modifications. Only bolt on performance parts and the Cold Fusion Nitrous
PHANTOM performance package.
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Congratulations to Michael Zinna on his
Texas mile record setting Speed!
Fastest Texas Mile nitrous powered
corvette in the country!

211.9 mph
Congratulations to Jeff Colletta on his
NPS wins and record setting time!
Finally, a safe effective way to prevent engine damage without sacrificing performance. The EGT Switch can turn off the nitrous kit, turn on a step retard to your ignition box, activate a fuel enrichment, dump boost with a wastegate, or simply turn off or on any accessory when limits are set properly
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Keep your bottle pressure consistent with the new Nitrous Regulator No more torches, HEATERS OR ice bags trying to maintain a consistent nitrous pressure.
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We now stock a complete stand alone fuel system kit for LS1 F-Bodies. This system is the most advanced fuel system on the market.
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FREE Instructional DVD
Full length DVD with installation for all CFN products FREE with any Wet Kit or $99 Purchase.
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Cold Fusion Nitrous have Nitrous kits & supplies all at wholesale prices to the public. You will find everything here from bottles and nozzles, to hard to find temperature pressure switches, purge kits, heater blankets, etc. If you do not see what you are looking for feel free to give us a call or email us. click here to email Cold Fusion Nitrous.
We do not currently sell
NOS kits, ZEX, or any of the other nitrous brands. We sell Cold Fusion kits & replacement parts for Nitrous Express known as NX, TNT, EDELBROCK, NITROUS WORKS, ZEX, SPEEDTECH and NOS. We stock Purge kits, Nitrous bottles, Solenoids, Nozzles, fittings, plumbing supplies, filters, jets, diesel performance, nitrous oxide Mustang Nitrous Kits, LS1 Nitrous Kits, LS2 Nitrous Kits, Camaro Nitrous Kits.
Cold Fusion Nitrous has the perfect kit or parts for all of your nitrous performance needs. Whether its drag racing, street racing, motorcycle racing, snowmobile racing or ATV racing Cold Fusion Nitrous have the parts, kits and service you deserve. We have Nitrous Kits that perform as good or better than: BOONDOCKER snowmobile nitrous kits, Nitrous Express nitrous kits, NITROUS OXIDE SYSTEMS nitrous kits, EDELBROCK nitrous kits, TNT LS2 plate kits, Nitrous Express nitrous jets, NOS nitrous bottles and fogger kits, NX nitrous kits, ZEX nitrous progressive controllers, NITROUS WORKS nitrous plate kits, SPEEDTECH nitrous direct port kits.
Cold Fusion Nitrous has the perfect kit or parts for all of your performance needs. Whether its drag racing, street racing, motorcycle racing, snowmobile nitrous kits, or ATV nitrous kits. We have Nitrous Kits for all motorsports. Boondocker, Nitrous Express, Nitrous Oxide Systems, NOS, NX, ZEX, Nitrous Works, Bossnos, Speedtech, Wilson Manifold, Gene Fulton, Nitro Dave's, Snowmobile